Here are the guidelines for submitting your song for mix!

- No more than 48 audio tracks total. In other words 48 mono tracks or 24 stereo tracks or any combination thereof.

- All track files must be "bounced" from the start of the "session." They should all be the same length. I'll provide additional info based on the software you are using to create your files.

- Please leave at least -6 dB of headroom on all tracks. This allows me to get the best sound out of your work.

- Pro Tools or Logic session folders accepted but all tracks must be consolidated and any essential FX must be "printed" in the tracks.

- Please send "dry" vocals with no eq/compression/other processing done. Just record your vocals and let me do the rest.

- Additional info: I will be your personal guide through the process so if you don't understand any of the terminology here don't worry about it. I can walk you through exactly what you need to do in order for this to be the smoothest process possible. If everyone knew what they were doing then I wouldn't have a reason for providing this service!